July 18, 2012
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Obama’s Education Plans

Obama’s Education Policy

President Obama has called for sweeping changes in the American education system. He is trying to make good on his promise to link teacher pay to performance. He also has a soft spot for charter schools, which he calls “laboratories of innovation”, and intends to double financing for those.

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Obama calls for education changes

“For decades, Washington has been trapped in the same stale debates that have paralyzed progress and perpetuated our educational decline,” President Obama said, in a speech here to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. “Too many supporters of my party have resisted the idea of rewarding excellence in teaching with extra pay, even though we know it can make a difference in the classroom. Too many in the Republican Party have opposed new investments in early childhood education, despite compelling evidence of its importance.”

Below are just a few of the promises and plans Obama has made to revamp the educational system in the US:

  • Zero to Five Plan: This plan will provide critical support to young children their parents and women during pregnancy. Unlike other early childhood plans, this plan puts an emphasis on early care in order to provide children with a large platform for kindergarten.
  • Expand Head Start Programs: Obama will quadruple Early Head Start funding and increase Head Start funding.
  • Provide accessible child care: Obama will increase access to affordable and high-quality child care to working families.
  • Reform to No Child Left Behind Act: Obama will begin by increasing funding. Teachers will not have to teach children how to fill in bubbles on standardized tests. In an individualized manner, children’s progress will be assessed on math, reading, and science in order to prepare for college. Improvement will be made in NCLB’s accountability system so that we are supporting failing schools, not punishing them.
  • Charter Schools: Obama will double funding for charter schools. This will provide funding only to states that improve accountability for charter schools, allow for interventions in charter schools, and have a clear process for closing down failing charter schools.
  • Math and Science: Obama will recruit math and science degree graduates to the teaching profession.
  • Address Drop-out Rates: Obama will provide funding for intervention strategies in middle schools. Implementing programs such as; personal academic plans, teaching terms, parent involvement, mentoring, intensive reading and math instructions, and extended learning time.
  • Expand After School Programs: Obama will double funding for after school programs; reaching 1 million more families.
  • Support College Outreach Programs: Obama supports outreach programs that encourage and support children from low income families to prepare for college.
  • Support College Credit Incentives: Obama plans to create a national “Make College A Reality” incentive that has a goal of to increase students taking AP or college-level classes nationwide 50% by 2016

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 Obamas Education Plans

July 29, 2014

Movie review: 'Lucy's' silly fun, but Scarlett is super

There's a lot of talk in Lucy about humans only using 10% of their brain. This is an oft-repeated myth that drives scientists up a wall, but I'd like to believe it's a coded message from Luc Besson. Please, for your own sake, 

Lucy is optimistic about the 100-percent thing, but more conventional about the brain at 50 percent, wherein the added hardware is put in the service of shooting a bunch of bad guys in the face. That seems more practical, and 

Lucy stars Johansson as a hard-partying American expat who overdoses on a consciousness-expanding synthetic drug, which grants her complete control over her body and memory, and eventually over matter and time.

Lucy is set in a world that is run by the mob, street gangs, drug addicts, and corrupt cops. Lucy (Scarlett Johansson), a woman living in Taipei, Taiwan, is forced to work as a drug mule for the mob. The drug implanted in her 

That “Lucy” remains engaging is largely a credit to Scarlett Johansson. Luc Besson is a visual director; don't confuse him with the facts. Grade: B-minus. Rated R for violence and language. Now showing at the Biltmore Grande, Carmike and Carolina

July 29, 2014

Ebola only a plane ride away from USA

The Liberian government closed off most of the country's border crossings Sunday in an effort to curb an Ebola outbreak that has already killed over 670 people across Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone and become the largest outbreak of the virus on record.

The West African nation of Liberia closed most border crossings and mandated strict health measures to try and stem the Ebola virus outbreak that has killed at least 660 people in West Africa since February, and continues to 

Most border crossings in Liberia have been closed and communities hit by an Ebola outbreak face quarantine to try to halt the spread of the virus. Screening centres are also being set up at the few major entry points that will remain open, such as the

(MONROVIA, Liberia) — One of Liberia's most high-profile doctors has died of Ebola, officials said Sunday, and an American physician was being treated for the deadly virus, highlighting the risks facing health workers trying to combat an outbreak that

A second American in Liberia has tested positive for Ebola, CNN reported, citing the Christian organization she works for. Nancy Writebol works for Serving in Mission in Liberia and was assisting the SIM/Samaritan's Purse 

July 29, 2014

Is Kazakhstan volleyball player Sabina Altynbekova too beautiful

Volleyball Team Upset Their Teammate Sabina Altynbekova is Prettier Than Them (Photos)

Sabina Altynbekova, a teen player on the Kazakhstan women's national volleyball team, has officially gone viral after people worldwide discovered the stunner playing at the 2014 Asian Junior Women's Volleyball 

Pretty teen Sabina Altynbekova playing volleyball for Kazakhstan. A Kazakh volleyball player is facing a tough time from her team-mates because her mesmerising good looks are distracting fans from the game. Sabina Altynbekova was just another 

A teenage volleyball player from Kazakhstan is coming under fire, but it's not because of her skills. It's because of her looks. Critics say Sabina Altynbekova, 17, is so beautiful that it's a distraction to the sport. Even the athlete's 

Six things you probably don't know about "beautiful" volleyball player Sabina Altynbekova.

July 28, 2014

Comic-Con Women Protest Sexual Harassment

It's only Day 3 of San Diego Comic-Con, but the convention has already blessed us with so much. There was a really happy Benedict Cumberbatch, a hilarious "Game of Thrones" blooper reel and some really excited "Teen 

Your one-stop resource for the latest news on Comic-Con International 2014!

It's only Day 3 of San Diego Comic-Con, but the convention has already blessed us with so much. There was a really happy Benedict Cumberbatch, a hilarious "Game of Thrones" blooper reel and some really excited "Teen 

It's time to kick off one of the most historic days in Comic-Con history. Saturday at Comic-Con 2014 – it starts with Warner Bros (perhaps some Justice.

SAN DIEGO, CA – JULY 24: Actor Rachelle Lefevre attends CBS Television Studios' series press lines "Reign", "Under The Dome" and "Scorpion" during Comic-Con International 2014 at Hilton Bayfront on July 24, 2014 in 

July 28, 2014

Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian opens up in an interview with Howard Stern …

Instagram celebrity Dan Bilzerian has been very busy lately–and by busy we mean partying, hanging out with gorgeous women, and telling the world about a life that most men could only dream of. He appeared on the "Howard Stern Show" on July 22, and 

Bilzerian is known for posting random snapshots on his page that show how much the man knows how to live. His images usually consist of fancy cars, firing guns and partying with women who don't seem to have a problem showing off most of their bare skin.

In a new photo that was posted on Bilzerian's page on Saturday, a yacht is in plain sight with a group of people aboard. They all sit in a faraway shot as the playboy can be seen in the crowd wearing sunglasses and a girl on his shoulders. The image's

You may recognize millionaire playboy Dan Bilzerian as one of the most followed profiles on Instagram. He recently brought the internet to a halt by posting his crazy antics with babes, booze, and boats, all while throwing bills 

Poker got more mainstream exposure earlier this week after this month's Bluff Europe cover star, Dan Bilzerian, spoke to uber-popular radio host and presenter, Howard Stern. Although some will question Dan's actual poker 

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